ParceLift - for rapid loading and unloading of trailers and containers


Specifically designed for rapid handling
Vaculex ParceLift is a vacuum lifter specifically designed for rapid loading and unloading of loose loaded goods in trailers and containers.

Increased productivity
Vaculex ParceLift enables for an increase of the productivity when unloading or loading loose loaded containers or trailers. It drastically reduces the risk for repetitive strain injuries and makes the work a lot easier compared to manual lifting.

Vaculex ParceLift can be used for handling of a wide variety of goods such as parcels, boxes, sacks, food, baggage, sheets of metal etc.

Easy to work with
Vaculex ParceLift is easy to work with and requires only a short training session.

To ensure maximum performance Vaculex ParceLift is engineered with low weight/high strength materials such as carbon fibre composites and aluminium.

This enables Vaculex ParceLift to be very well suited for rapid material handling due to minimal operator effort to handle the equipment very rapidly.